Can a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy status stop my foreclosure?

Chapter 7 bankruptcy cannot permanently stop your foreclosure, but it is helpful in other ways that can help you manage a foreclosure you are facing.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy can delay your foreclosure – When you file for bankruptcy you gain an automatic stay. Fortunately, automatic stays apply to foreclosures. So then, throughout the period of your bankruptcy, a creditor cannot pursue a foreclosure. However, after your bankruptcy is completed, he/she can proceed with a foreclosure. In most cases, the creditor can request for an automatic stay to be lifted before your bankruptcy is over. The creditor would most likely have this granted by the court if he/she is able to prove they are the legal holder of a the mortgage or deed of trust to your house.

If your home is facing issues that cannot be resolved in the 3-4 months that your Chapter 7 is pending, you may want to consider filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy to Stop the Foreclosure.

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