Meeting of Creditors (341-Hearing)

About 4-5 days after your bankruptcy petition as been filed, you (and the creditors you list in your bankruptcy papers) will receive a notification that a “meeting of creditors” has been set. The assigned bankruptcy trustee leads the hearing and, after swearing you in, will ask you questions about your assets, debts, monthly budget and other transactions that may have occurred in the past 1-5 years. Typical questions are:

  • Did you sign the petition, schedules, and related documents before this case was filed?
  • Did you have an opportunity to read and review those documents before you signed them?
  • Did you list all of your assets, and are all the values correct to the best of your knowledge?
  • Did you list everyone you owe money to?
  • Have you paid any creditor $600 or more in the 90-days prior to filing?
  • Have you paid back any family or friends back for any loans in the past year?
  • Have you sold or transferred any property to any family members or friends in the past 2 years?

It is very important that you bring your DRIVERS LICENSE AND SOCIAL SECURITY CARD with you, and that you arrive about 10-15 minutes early to complete any questionnaire the trustee may have for you. In the large majority of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies, this is the only hearing you will attend. 

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