Bankruptcy: What is the process?

Every office handles cases differently, but here is how we handle cases in our office:

  1. Initial (Free) Consultation – We start by having you come into the office where we review the questionnaire you complete for us, then we run through your situation to help you determine whether you should file for bankruptcy, and then we discuss what you should expect.
  2. Provide Us Documents – To file your case, we will need documents such as pay-stubs, tax-returns, vehicles titles, real estate documents, bank statements and retirement statements.
  3. Online Course – Before your case can be filed you will need to complete an online course. This tax approximately 1 hour, and we pay the registration fee for this.
  4. Follow-up Meeting to Review, Sign & File – We will be taking the questionnaire you completed for us, our notes from our initial consultation and the documents you provided to draft your bankruptcy petition and supporting documents. This is about 75-100 pages. At this meeting we will be reviewing these documents for accuracy, and then signing them and filing them with the Court.
  5. Hearing – At this hearing you will need to make sure you bring your drivers license and social security card. This hearing lasts between 5-15 minutes, and the main purpose is for the Trustee to ask you questions to confirm that the information in your Court Filing is true and correct.
  6.  Second Course – Much like the first course, you will need to take a second. This is also online, we pay the fee, and it should take approximately 2 hours.
  7. Discharge – As long as you completed all of the steps above, you should get your bankruptcy discharge 3-5 months after filing of the case.

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