Bankruptcy: What does a bankruptcy cost?

To file a bankruptcy, there are two costs that you need to be aware of:

  1. Attorney Fee
  2. Court Filing Fee

Attorney Fee

Chapter 7: At our law firm, we charge a flat fee of $999 for all Chapter 7 Bankruptcies.

Chapter 13: We charge an initial retainer of $500-$999, depending on the complexity of the case, plus an hourly rate thereafter.  However, our total fee will be worked into your Chapter 13 payment, so the Chapter 13 trustee would pay us directly, rather than yourself.

Filing Fee

The Court has a filing fee of $338. This can either be paid in full at the time your case is filed, or else you can have this paid in 4 installments of $84.50, due 30days, 60days, 90days and 120days after your case is filed.

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