Wildcard Exemption

September 1, 2016

As discussed in a prior article, think of an exemption as a credit you can use to buy back your property. If you have a loan or lien on a piece of property, then you only need to use your credits to buy back you ‘equity’ in the property (Equity = Value – Loan Amount). Most exemptions can only be used to protect a certain category of property. A “Wildcard” exemption, however, can protect ANY asset. So the question becomes, how much does one receive of Wildcard exemption?

At a minimum, you will receive $1,250.00 in Wildcard.  Additionally, you will receive whatever federal homestead exemption you have left over, capped at $11,850.00. This means, if you have a home with little to no equity in it, you can potentially receive $13,100.00 in D5 Wildcard exemptions to apply towards protecting your assets.

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